How To Avoid Sprinklers When Doing The Lawn

Installing a sprinkler system is a great option for anyone who wants a beautiful lawn but doesn't necessarily have the time to water their lawn as much as may be required. A pop-up sprinkler has an internal spring mechanism which moves nozzles over your lawn's grass as it provides water and then retracts back into the earth once it's finished. A pop-up sprinkler system keeps sprinkler heads out of the way when they're not in use, which prevents anyone from tripping over them.

This type of sprinkler system also means power tools and lawnmowers are less likely to damage your sprinklers:

Basics of Line Trimming

A line trimmer is the best possible tool you can use to cut the grass that grows around a sprinkler. The head of an average pop-up sprinkler extends above the grass about 4 inches and can effectively spray the area with water. By consistently trimming the area around your sprinkler, you will prevent the water sprayed by the sprinkler from becoming blocked by grass. When you don't trim around your sprinkler the result is that your lawn becomes waterlogged in a single area, while the other sections of your lawn remain dry.

A trimmer uses a horizontal line that spins to cut tall grass. This line extends from the motor. Upon activation, the line begins to rotate very rapidly as it cuts through blades of grass while you move the trimmer over each area that needs cutting. Remember to always wear protective shoes, eyewear and gloves when operating a trimmer so as to prevent injury from a machine malfunction or flying debris.

Line Type and Style

If you're intention is to use your line trimmer primarily to maintain grass around your sprinkler, then it's best to select a model that has a curved shank and is lightweight. This type of trimmer is much less expensive than a professional level trimmer, but does a good job when used for smaller garden projects and is easy to handle.

For these types of projects, your trimmer's trimming line doesn't have to be as tough as the line in more expensive models that are used for cutting thick or woody plants. The tip of the line does the cutting as you move your trimmer slowly around the sprinkler. The line for standard trimmers is usually purchased by the spool so it's easy to replace if the line is worn or when the line runs out.

A Trimmer's Power Source

A trimmer generally comes with an extended cord that plugs into an electrical outlet. However, if you are doing a simple trimming job like cutting around your sprinkler, you really don't need a lot of horsepower. Consider purchasing a trimmer that employs rechargeable batteries. After you're done, you can recharge the trimmer's batteries in preparation for your next project.

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