Escape To Your Tropical Retreat Patio

Who doesn't love a vacation in the tropics, right? Of course, you can't always afford to get away to a tropical island every year – and certainly not every evening. Wouldn't it be so much nicer if the tropics came to you? Well, transform your patio into a tropical retreat, and enjoy your getaway every time you step outside.

Start with the Patio Furniture

When it comes to patio furniture, there are so many materials and styles. Which pieces you pick depend on your outdoor living style. If you love grilling, hunt for outdoor kitchen pieces. For dining al fresco, a table and chairs are necessary. If you want to lounge the day away, look for comfortable pieces with lots of cushions.

To channel that tropical vibe, though, wicker is the material of choice. Wicker comes in classic white, natural and bright colors. Start with the more neutral white or natural, though, as you'll be adding color with your decor. Make sure the cushions are thick and comfortable since you'll be spending lots of time in your tropical retreat. Add even more cushions in your target color.

Add a Rug

Lots of people don't include a rug on their patio. However, the rug affords you the first opportunity for setting your design. Look for an outdoor rug with the hues you want to pull through your whole decor. Tropical pinks and oranges brighten the space. However, cool blues and greens also offer a beach resort feel.

Include an Umbrella

When you're on a beach, it's all about sitting under an umbrella sipping a tropical drink. Well, add an umbrella to your patio to channel this feeling. Standard residential umbrellas look like the over-sized rain variety, with the pole fitting through a hole in your table. However, a more versatile variety is cantilevered. The pole is set to the side, and the umbrella features its own base. You can set up a cantilever umbrella over any space without the pole getting in the way.

Don't Forget the Plants

What's a tropical retreat without plants? Better Homes and Gardens suggests planting a variety of tropical plants in colorful Mexican pottery. Hibiscus, canna, mandevilla and bird of paradise are all tropical plants that fare well in containers. Select plants with different heights and textures, and group them together to create lush corners with your patio furniture tucked inside.

Create a patio design that channels the tropics. Look for wicker furniture topped with colorful cushions, and place the pieces on top of a rug. Include an umbrella and lush plants for that tropical resort feel. To learn more, contact a company like Think Outside... The Outdoor Great Room Store with any questions or concerns you have.