3 Signs You Should Choose A Custom Mirror For Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is like most, you probably have a mirror above your vanity. However, there's a chance that you aren't all that happy with the mirror that is in place right now. You can always head to a home improvement store to a purchase a bathroom mirror that you can install yourself or hire a professional to put in, but there is a better option out there for many homeowners -- having a custom mirror created by a glass company. Then, you can choose the exact size and specifications of your mirror. These are a few signs that this might be the best choice for your bathroom.

1. You Have an Oddly-Sized Bathroom

If your bathroom is very small, a standard vanity mirror might be a bit overwhelming and might look out of place. On the same token, a large bathroom with a more spacious vanity typically requires a much larger mirror than average if you want to take full advantage of your space and make your bathroom look more proportional. Instead of trying to make the wrong mirror fit, consider having someone from a glass company take measurements. Then, you can have a mirror of the perfect size installed in your small or large bathroom.

2. You're Looking to Make a Statement

Even if your bathroom is relatively normal in size, you might be looking to make a bit of a statement with the mirror that you install. For example, you might be looking to install multiple mirrors side-by-side or in a pattern, or you might choose a mirror with a unique frame. If you want to make your bathroom look different, a custom mirror is the perfect way to do it.

3. You're Looking to Install Mirrors Elsewhere

Mirrors don't just function well over the vanity -- they can be a nice addition nearly anywhere in the bathroom. Along with being convenient when you're getting ready for work in the morning, they can also help open up your space and make it look a lot bigger. A custom glass company can help you with installing other mirrors in your bathroom, such as on the back of the bathroom door. By having your mirrors custom-made, you can choose to add mirrors to any part of your bathroom and can always ensure a great look and a perfect fit.

Custom mirrors can make a great addition to any bathroom. Luckily, a good glass company at a site like http://glasshopperaurora.com should be able to make and install these mirrors for you for a reasonable cost.