Unique Things to Do with Old Window Blinds

If you have some old window blinds that you are no longer going to make use of, you might want to keep reading. This way, you should have a good chance at finding something you can do with those blinds instead of simply throwing them away.

Create Plant Labels

Whether you are growing fruits or vegetables, you may want to make sure that you are keeping track of what each plant is. This is especially important for anyone that is new to growing things because it can be hard to distinguish the different plants at first. To do this, you will want to take the old window blinds and cut the individual blind pieces into sections that are about six inches long. This will allow you to label the blind piece with a permanent marker toward one end while leaving plenty of room on the other end so that it can be secured into the ground.

Paint-Can Rim Cleaner

If you are someone who paints a lot, you might find these pieces from some old window blinds can be very useful when it comes to cleaning up the lip or rim of a paint can. For example, after pouring some paint from the can and into a paint tray, there is usually a little bit of paint that is left in the grooved portion of the rim. If you were to leave that there and simply bang the paint-can lid in place, you will end up with paint all over the place. Instead of doing that, you will want to bend a piece of an old window blind so it neatly fits into the groove in the can. Scoop out the excess paint, and you will no longer have to worry about making such a mess.

Cat Toy

Cut several pieces of the old window blinds and make sure that they are a variety of lengths. You will want to then use a hole puncher in one end of the blind pieces. Tie string through those holes and then tie all of those strings to the end of a long stick. You might also want to keep the lengths of the strings different so the pieces of the blinds dangle differently from one another. Dangle this over the head of your cat and watch them have a lot of fun with it.

With those three ideas in mind, you should be able to start coming up with a lot of fantastic things that you can do with some old window blinds.