3 Signs You Should Choose A Custom Mirror For Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is like most, you probably have a mirror above your vanity. However, there's a chance that you aren't all that happy with the mirror that is in place right now. You can always head to a home improvement store to a purchase a bathroom mirror that you can install yourself or hire a professional to put in, but there is a better option out there for many homeowners -- having a custom mirror created by a glass company.

How To Create A Modern Looking Kitchen

Many Americans find that they are spending more and more time in the kitchen. The push for beautiful and modern kitchens has grown stronger in recent years due to the extra time spent in these rooms. While traditional kitchens are still very popular, a modern looking kitchen is also desirable for many homeowners. For those looking to create a modern space, there are a few changes that can be made in order to achieve this aim.

Ensuring Your Yard And Landscaping Are Ready For Winter: What You Should Know

Fall is a beautiful season full of change and transition. And when the autumn weather rolls around, it is easy to just focus on the beauty of the turning and falling leaves and ignore the winter weather that is to come. However, if you want your trees and yard to endure and remain healthy and well-maintained this winter, there are some steps you will need to take during the fall to ensure this happens.

Things To Consider Before Building A Fence

As a homeowner, several situations may inspire you to fence in your backyard. You may want to clearly establish your property lines, or you may desire privacy from prying eyes. Perhaps you have children and pets to protect. Whatever the reasons, you cannot just install a fence on a moment's notice. You need to follow several steps before you proceed with your building project.  Check the Rules You will need to check with both the city and the homeowner's association about their rules for building a fence.

Good Night, Sleep Tight: Five Ways To Ensure That Bedbugs Don't Bite

Bedbugs are a real pain to get rid of once they have found their way into your home and furnishings. These tiny pests can literally lurk in light sockets, electrical outlets, and any cracks or gaps in your walls, moldings, and windows, breeding and driving homeowners nuts. There are five tried-and-true strategies that can prevent these bothersome bugs from setting up camp inside your home. Keep the following in mind to prevent bedbug infestations: