Customize Your Backyard Patio On A Budget!

Covered backyard patios are essentially an extension of your home. With this added space comes added opportunity to create the perfect backyard oasis. Patio covers protect furniture, accessories and other luxuries from outside elements. This means you can add just about anything to create the backyard patio you've always dreamed of. Below are five great ways you can customize your covered patio without breaking the bank!

1. Seclusion

Covered patios are great, but you can further customize them to have added or decreased seclusion depending on the mood of your party. By hanging curtain rods on the inside edge of your covered patio, you can install removable walls to be used as needed.

Curtain rods and curtains can be found at just about any discount home goods store. You can also make your own using fabric made for outdoor use. These walls can come in handy on windy or rainy days. You can still enjoy your patio without being subjected to the elements.

2. Lighting

Lights can transform a space. You can string electric lights around your patio in a matter of minutes. Don't assume your backyard patio is going to give off a Christmas vibe year round with string-style lights. There are a wide variety of bulb shapes and sizes to choose from.

Start by shopping at a local home improvement store. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, don't be afraid to shop online specialty shops. You may spend slightly more than through a home improvement store, but it will cost less than having professional electricians install permanent lighting. When shopping, make sure you have precise measurements for the length of lighting you'll need.

3. Accessories

One of the main reasons covered patios come in handy is because you can leave your patio furniture out year-round. If that is the case, look for patio furniture that can easily store your patio accessories when not in use. For example, if you have ottomans or end tables, look for ones that open or have drawers. With this added storage space, you can buy essential accessories like:

  • Coasters
  • Dinnerware
  • Silverware
  • Napkins
  • Speakers
  • Candles

Having outdoor eating utensils readily available saves you from having to take your inside dishes outside and risk breaking them. Having a place to safely store speakers means you can listen to music as soon as you step outside. Just make sure you buy speakers that are compatible with your outdoor outlets and made for outdoor use. Store an extension cord in there as well, just in case your speakers' power cord isn't long enough.

Lastly, candles create an amazing ambiance for dinners or casual evenings outside. By placing them in an easily accessible space means you can quickly set the mood without having to scavenge for candles. Just be sure to keep matches in a safe location, just in case there are children in the house or visiting.

Covered patios are amazing for several reasons: they offer protection from the elements, they add amazing space for entertainment and they are the perfect place to relax. Customize your patio without breaking the bank! With a few simple fixes and improvements, you can make your covered patio work for you without spending a fortune.