How To Acid Stain Your Concrete Floor

Concrete floors can seem like a boring flooring option, but with acid stain, you are able to give it an interesting effect. Acid stain allows you to control the depth of color and style of your concrete, even letting you create a dramatic marble effect.

Here are some tips for using acid stain to dye your concrete floor another color:

Prepare the Area

If you are acid staining concrete floor that is already installed in your home, there are a few things you need to do in order to prepare. First of all, you should remove any trim work, crown molding, and baseboards that border the concrete flooring. This helps you avoid getting the acid stain mixture on these elements. You also want to make sure your concrete floor is very clean before you begin.

Protect the Walls

Once you have removed the trim and baseboards, you need to protect the walls from the acid stain coloring. Masking paper is a great material to use for protecting your walls. This will prevent discoloration of your walls when you are staining the concrete walls.

Make sure you cover all the walls, outlets and switches. If you are acid staining kitchen floors or bathroom floors, you also need to cover any cabinets that might be at risk. Use painter's tape to attach the masking paper to the walls, being sure you pulled it taut.

Mix the Acid Stain

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for mixing the acid stain. You need to do the mixing in an area with good ventilation, preferably outdoors. The main ingredient in acid stain is hydrochloric acid, so aside from ventilation, you should also wear protective gear. Make sure you add the acid stain to the water instead of adding the water to the acid stain. Pour the mixture into a pump with the plastic parts. Make sure all parts are plastic and not metal. If you want to change the depth of flower, you can try adding a little more or less water.

Apply the Stain to the Floors

The pump you are using for the acid stain will come with a spray wand. Keep it a little over a foot from the floor when you are applying the acid stain. Instead of spraying in a uniform, choose a more random pattern. This will give you a more interesting look for the concrete floors. The floors should be wet, but without large puddles.

The acid in the acid stain is going to react to the lime deposits you have in the cement floor. This is what gives it the different hues. After applying the first coat, let it dry, then apply a second coat.

Finish the Job

Once the stain is complete and dry, neutralize the acid by spraying the floor with water and ammonia. Clean the floor with a mop to remove all of the ammonia. After it is clean and dry, you should protect the concrete by sealing it with a high-gloss sealer that is water-based. If you're looking to buy acid stain online or some other place, make sure to contact a professional if you feel it's above your abilities.