Overcoming The Biggest Hillside Landscaping Challenges

There is something unique about a home that is built on a hillside. However, after you have fallen in love with your new home, you may discover how challenging it is to do landscaping on such a property. Also, if you change too much about the hill, you might lose the view, one of the original reasons for choosing the home.

Decide What View You Want

When looking out of your window, consider the type of view you would like to have. While there might be limitations on what you can accomplish, taking your desired view into consideration will help you plan.

Be Careful When Removing Tree

There are many ways you can increase your view, such as removing trees. However, keep in mind that the tree roots keep the soil stable and you may begin to experience soil erosion problems if you remove too many trees. Instead, it is better to consult with an arborist who can assist you in thinning the trees or removing trees that won't have a strong impact on the soil. You may even want to add more plants to keep your hill in place. Otherwise, extreme weather can gradually wear away the soil layers. Then, you can have slope failures.

Create A Clear Path Up The Hill

Traveling up and down the hill can be dangerous unless you build stairs. By building with stones, the stairs will look like they're a natural part of your landscape. Use plants to create a path that helps guide visitors to the stairs. Creating pathways using stones and vegetation also help visitors find the least steep route, making it easier to get to your house.

Design Your Landscape With Maintenance Concerns In Mind

Use hardscapes and shrubbery to reduce the area that you need to mow. It can be difficult to push a lawnmower up and down a hill, but if you plan your landscape right, you will have less grass to mow.

Watering can also be a challenge because water is more likely to travel down the hillside rather than soaking into the roots, with gravity working against you. One solution is drip irrigation. By running your irrigation underground and releasing small amounts of moisture, the water will remain in one spot where the vegetation can absorb it.

Owning a home on a hillside certainly takes more planning. However, there are also more opportunities for creativity as you take advantage of the variation in the hillside. With the right expert guidance, your home will be perfected. Contact a professional landscaping company for help.