Four Things Advanced Seamstresses Should Look For In A New Sewing Machine

If you are an advanced seamstress then you may have been using the same sewing machine for years. For various reasons you may have decided that it's time to upgrade to a new sewing machine. When you venture to the store to browse for your new machine, you may find that there is a huge variety and each option has their own benefits. In order to cut down your browse list, consider these four things to look for.

Warranty and Repair Options

One of the first things to consider when you are purchasing a new sewing machine, especially as an advanced seamstress, is the warranty. You need a warranty that will cover parts and, at least some, repair services. These warranties may be for a few months or as long as a lifetime depending on the manufacturer. Make sure that you understand what the warranty covers, how repairs are done, and if you need to pay for anything like the shipping on your machine if a repair is needed.

Try the Machine Before You Buy

Something you should look for when you buy your new machine is the ability to try the machine before you buy. Though this may not be an option through traditional stores, it may be available through manufacturer direct stores. Ask for a demonstration as well. This will show you how each of the bells and whistles on the machine work and if you are getting what you need or if you are getting a lot of flash for the money.

Machine Ability

Every sewing machine can ideally handle basic sewing materials and abilities associated with them. For example, cotton and linen fabrics are fairly common. However, if you sew with denim, canvas, or other heavy fabrics then you will need a sewing machine that can handle these various fabrics. Make sure that the machines you are considering have the ability to handle a wide range of fabrics for the various projects you have.

Graphic Options

Some new sewing machine models offer computerized graphic options. This means you can order a set of graphics for the machine, add them to the machines library using a USB device, and set the machine to sew the desired graphic onto the material. Though this is an option that many seamstresses may not need, it does offer a new ability that can expand your business options and the types of seamstress services you offer.

These are just four of the things you should look for as an advanced seamstress purchasing a new sewing machine. If you are ready to begin your search, visit your local sewing manufacturing stores like The Sewing Studio Fabric Superstore today.