3 Things To Consider When Choosing The Color Of Granite Countertops For A Kitchen

If you are planning to have granite countertops installed in your kitchen, you may not know how to choose the perfect color. Granite countertops are available in many different hues and tones. These natural stone products offer limitless variations because of the varied coloration and tonal differences within the rock. Here are a things to consider when choosing the color of the granite countertops in your kitchen:

What color are your cabinets?

Even if you love the color of a  granite countertop, it is important for it to match the color of your kitchen cabinets. Usually, granite countertops will display the main cabinet color somewhere in their regular pattern. For instance, if cabinets are mahogany in color, it is usually best to have a deep brown hue included in the natural coloring of the countertops. Likewise, if a cabinet color is beige, even if the granite is speckled with darker tones, a similar beige color should  be apparent throughout the granite.

Still, in addition to the cabinet color being found in the granite's tones, complementary colors should also be present. This is important in order to have both the countertops and the cabinetry stand out. If your countertop color is just as deep throughout the piece of granite as the cabinet color, there will not be enough contrast to make the design look professional or cohesive.

What color are your walls?

The wall color in a kitchen usually complements the cabinet color. Thus, if a darkly stained cabinet is selected, the walls will tend to be light in color. Likewise, if white cabinets are selected, the walls will usually be a darker to complement the pale cabinet tone.

The color of a granite countertop should blend well with both the cabinets and the wall color. For instance, if beige cabinets and olive-colored walls are present, the granite color should include both beige and olive.

What color is the flooring?

When selecting the color of your granite countertops, it is important to consider all of the factors in the kitchen that exhibit color, including the floor. Flooring that is made of stone may already include a good amount of variation. Thus, it is important to select a granite countertop that will not clash with the flooring.

If the floor is quite plain in appearance, color variations in the granite countertop can be intense and dramatic. However, if the flooring choice is already quite bold and varied, it is best to select granite countertops that have more subdued patterns.

To learn more ways to select perfect granite countertops, schedule a consultation with a design specialist in your area.