Preparing A Home For Senior Citizens

With the holidays approaching, many families are preparing to welcome elderly relatives in their homes. To make their homes safe and comfortable for elderly relatives who may have lost some of the abilities of their youth, there are a few things families can do to their homes. These small adjustments are inexpensive and will go a long way toward ensuring a healthy and happy visit with a loved one.

Guest Bed

Many homes have spare bedrooms on a second floor or basement level. When deciding where an elderly relative will sleep, keep in mind his confidence on the stairs. A better alternative might be to rent a twin bed to create a sleeping space in an unused or rarely used area on the main level of the house. For example, an office space or playroom can easily be transformed into a temporary bedroom. Include in the sleeping space a sturdy nightstand that can be used as support as the guest lowers himself onto the bed or gets up in the morning. A sturdy chair is another nice addition to the sleeping space. It provides the perfect spot for a guest to sit while getting dressed. Avoid the urge to go overboard with dust ruffles and long quilts. Fabric that touches the floor can easily wrap around unsteady feet and cause a fall. Throw rugs should be tacked down or temporarily removed and electrical cords should be tucked out of the way. A nightlight should be available for late-night trips to the bathroom as should a bedside lamp or flashlight.


The combination of water and tile makes bathrooms dangerous places for the elderly. Luckily, there are a few temporary safety measures homeowners can take to ensure the safety of elderly relatives. All floor rugs should be rubber-backed so that they don't shift around and cause falls. No-slip mats can be placed in the tub to prevent falls during a shower or a bath. Shower seats are another inexpensive addition to a bathroom that will help a relative who is too unsteady for a stand-up shower, but can't lower himself all the way into a tub. Temporary grab bars can be attached to the walls near the shower, inside the shower, and next to the toilet to provide an elderly guest with a little extra support in the bathroom. It's also a good idea to put a nightlight in the bathroom for nighttime bathroom visits.  

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