Protecting Your Home's Roof Against Common Problems

Being reliable when it comes to providing your roof with basic maintenance can help to keep the building as secure as possible. Yet, residential roofing maintenance is often one of the more neglected responsibilities that a property owner may have.

How Will Cleaning The Roof Help To Extend Its Lifespan?

Cleaning the roof every year or two is an effective type of maintenance that will be able to greatly extend the lifespan of the roof. This is due to the ability of the cleaning work to remove accumulations of dirt, moss, and other substances that have gathered on the exterior of the roof. If these substances are not removed, they can significantly shorten the lifespan of the roof by increasing the chances of rot and other complications developing. Having a residential roofer periodically clean the exterior of the roof will be a critical step in preventing these substances from causing damage to the structure.

What Problems Can Nearby Tree Branches Cause For The Roof?

Removing large trees from near the home is one option for helping to protect this part of the house against future damage. When these trees are allowed to remain in place, they can put the roofing at risk by scraping against the exterior and removing shingles. Additionally, there will be the risk of branches falling and potentially puncturing through the roof. Lastly, the leaves that the branches will drop on the roof can make it possible for the roof to develop severe rot. As a result of these wide-ranging potential threats, it can be extremely beneficial to invest the money into have these branches trimmed away from the home. This can be a balance that will still allow you to enjoy the aesthetics of having large trees on your property while minimizing the actual threat that they may pose to the roof.

What Pests Can Cause Serious Problems For A Residential Roof?

Pest problems are another common source of major damage to residential roofs. There are some pests that will be far more likely to target the roof of the home as it can be a safe place for them to avoid ground-based predators. Squirrels and birds are among the most common pests to attempt to live on roofs. Unfortunately, these animals can damage the roof by making holes in the roof that they can enter or building nests on the exterior roof that can trap moisture. Using pest treatment services to deter these animals from spending time on your roof is an investment that can save you from potentially expensive home repairs in the future.

Reach out to a residential roofer to discuss what roof maintenance you should do.