Augment Your Dining Room With A Tile-Topped Table

When you browse the selection of dining tables at virtually any furniture retailer, you'll likely find products with tops that are made from wood, glass, or even metal. While these table styles are common, you'll also find a few other designs to consider. Some retailers carry tile-topped dining tables. As their name suggests, these are tables that have large or small tiles that make up much of the top surface. In some cases, tables will have wood around the perimeter of the tabletop with tiles inset into the middle. Here are some reasons that a tile-topped dining table can be a good addition to your home.

It Can Tie In With Surrounding Elements

If you have other tile elements in or around your dining room, it can be fun to look for a tile-topped dining table that has a similar look. This will help to make the table a good visual fit in this space. For example, if you have an open-concept dining room that is next to your kitchen, you might have a tile backsplash behind the kitchen counter. If you're able to find a dining table that has similar tiles throughout its top, the combination of these two elements can work well.

It May Add A Splash Of Color

You seldom think of bright colors when you think of dining tables. This furniture often appears in various shades of brown, gray, and tan. There's certainly nothing wrong with these muted hues, but you might like the idea of adding a bit of color to your dining room. Doing so is often possible when you have a tile-topped dining table. Many of these tables have tiles that are colorful. For example, you may find a table that has a mosaic-style design filled with small tiles of different colors. Instead of adding colors to your table with a centerpiece or fabric napkins, the table itself will have a vibrant look.

It Won't Likely Sustain Damage

A tile-topped dining table is extremely difficult to damage, which is something that you may appreciate. Wooden tables can sometimes get scratched, and stains and even watermarks can affect the look of this type of table over time. In the event that you spill something on top of your tile-topped table, it will be easy to wipe up and there's little chance that any stains will remain. Visit a furniture store to browse its selection of dining tables.