Porch Power: Home Improvement Tips To Get Your Front Porch Ready For Porch-Sitting Season

Is your front porch weather-worn and in need of a refresh? If so, there is no better time than spring to give your porch a makeover to get it ready for porch sitting with friends and family. Most of the things you need to refresh your porch can be found at your local home improvement store and will not require more than a weekend or two to complete.

Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint​

When choosing paint for your front porch, always choose a good quality exterior paint that is made for porches, decks, patios, and floors. These durable exterior paints are made for areas of high traffic and are resistant to mildew, blistering, and UV damage.

Pastel and neutral colors are best and will match most exterior home colors. For instance, paint a porch ceiling in a pastel blue and the porch floor in light gray. Use a creamy white for the rest of the porch architecture and porch furniture.

Replace Furniture Cushions and Pillows​

One of the easiest ways to give your porch a makeover is to replace worn and faded furniture cushions and pillows. Choose colorful cushions if your porch is painted in neutral colors to add color and eye appeal to the porch. Cushions and pillows can also be purchased in printed designs to create a porch theme, such as coastal, floral, or vintage.

Pick Up Some Plants​

There is nothing like fresh plants and flowers to dress up a front porch. Hanging baskets overflowing with lush plants or flowers will give your porch a warm and inviting look. For those without a green thumb, faux plants are a great option and look as good as their live counterparts.

Finishing Touches​

Up the aesthetic value of your porch by placing new outdoor accent rugs in front of furniture or a doorway. The ambiance is important for night porch sitting and can be accomplished by placing large floor lanterns in porch corners. Choose several lanterns in smaller sizes to place on accent tables or along the sides of porch steps.

There are few things as relaxing as sitting on the porch sharing great conversation with the people you love. Your front porch is also the first impression visitors see when they arrive at your front door. Creating an attractive front porch will make your home look inviting and give you a cheerful place to visit with the people that matter most to you. 

For more information, visit a local home improvement store.