3 Rooms To Use Blackout Curtains

When it comes to choosing a window treatment for your home's primary bedroom, you have lots of options. Many people favor blackout curtains, which are the best way to block light from the outdoors. If you're the type of person who loves sleeping in pitch-black conditions, blackout curtains can be perfect for you. It can be surprising just how dark you can make this room when you have these curtains, and you may find that your sleep quality improves after you begin to use them. There are other rooms throughout your home in which you may wish to consider using blackout curtains. Here are three examples.

Guest Room

While blackout curtains are popular in primary bedrooms, they're not necessarily a good choice in children's bedrooms because many kids are afraid of the dark. If your home is large enough to have a guest room, however, you may wish to consider using blackout curtains over this window. Most of the guests who visit you for one or more nights will likely be adults, and a lot of adults are used to using blackout curtains at home. You want to give your overnight guests the best possible sleep, and having this type of window covering in the room they'll be using can be helpful.

Theater Room

If you have a home theater room, getting this space as dark as possible may be on your list of priorities. Few things can disrupt a movie, TV show, or sporting event on the big screen as much as glare from a window in the room. This is another good area of your home to consider hanging blackout curtains. They'll make the home theater room very dark once you turn the lights off, which can especially be ideal if you enjoy using this space during the daytime.

Home Gym

If you have a home gym on the ground floor of your residence, you might sometimes feel concerned about people being able to see through the window while you're working out. Even with conventional drapes closed, someone outside of the home may be able to see your outline during your workout. If you feel a lot more comfortable with the knowledge that no one is able to see you in this room, blackout curtains are a good choice. They'll help to provide a fully private environment that will allow you to work out with confidence. Shop for blackout curtains at a window treatments store near you.